capacitive pressScreen
capacitive pressScreen

Prototype Capacitive PressScreen

These videos demonstrate a prototype of our capacitive pressScreen technology. 


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It is a 15" industrial grade full multi-touch capacitive touchscreen manufactured in our UK factory and which has been assembled onto a frame with a custom displacement sensor around the periphery of the front lens.


The combined press and touch hardware subsystem co-reports the multi-touch data and the displacement into the Windows operating system where it is interpreted as pointing device data.


In the first video you can see that the user gradually increases the pressing force which is reported by this Windows application as an increased line width.


Typical displacements of a few 10's of microns provide orders of magnitude of press force data which is then delivered intelligently along with the touch data as part of the pointing device stream into the operating system. No additional drivers are required for Windows.


The second video shows an application which we have developed which runs a press-to-zoom application of a bitmap file on the windows platform.


How it works

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TouchNetix is the leading independent provider of high performance capacitive touch technology in Europe.


Established in 2010 by the management team of the Touch Products group of Atmel, TouchNetix continues to drive the deployment of flawless capacitive touch technology into mission critical applications.


TouchNetix have delivered hundreds of high performance capacitiive touchscreen projects with a right-first-time philosophy.



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